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Cultivate a mind de  prosperity and well-being

Meditation and Mindfulness 

Learn to Meditate and achieve a life of Plenitude. 



If you are one of the people who knows the benefits of meditation, but you find it difficult to implement the practice, emptymind It is designed for you. 

With the formation of  emptymind  you can learn to meditate more quickly and effectively.

Reduce stress
the anxiety
Meditation helps you face day-to-day events from another state to give more effective and efficient responses.
keep FOCUS
Manage to maintain a high degree of concentration and increase your productivity. This will create space for what is most important to you.
Increase your capacity 
When we meditate we create a greater space for love and compassion. The quality of your life depends on the quality of your relationships.
Record in your diary those things for which you feel grateful @ and collect the best moments of your day.
mujer cultivando
mujer cultivando
mujer cultivando
mujer cultivando

on any device
Meditate whenever and wherever you want

Mobile, Tablet and/or Computer

Enjoy the experience on your mobile, tablet and  computer. 

VR glasses

Live an immersive experience  through virtual reality and get faster results.

learn to meditate



VR Mindfulness Course


 Access to the 3D meditation exercises  

Access to the diary functionality, to anchor the objectives.

Statistics of your progress to see your achievements...


VR Mindfulness Course


8 week duration

Access to the 3D Meditation Exercises

Access to journal functionality

Statistics of the  own progress

Receive  The Toolkit to facilitate the implementation of the practice.

Webinars  adapted to the needs of the company.

logo emptymind

-VR glasses (cardbord) to practice in VR
-Other surprises that will make it easier for you to implement the habit of meditation.


What will you get?


Physical and mental health 


Improvement in relationships

Benefits of Meditate

  • Improve attention and concentration, reduce distractions and the coming and going of the mind.

  • Acquire greater body awareness, which is related to greater well-being

  • Learn to reduce thestressand theanxiety.

  • Reduce and get out of mental states of rumination that lead to nothing

  • reduce theself-criticismand learn new ways of relating to oneself, improving the way in which we treat ourselves.

  • Manage to improve diseases and chronic problems and increase well-being

  • Improve Emotional Intelligence, and with it emotional regulation.

  • Identify and change thepatternsthinking and automatic reactions

  • improve ourpresencein the present moment.

  • Improve your personal relationships, being more satisfying and full.

  • Getting to introduce Mindfulness techniques in our daily life

Choose your PLAN



Contact us and schedule a personalized meeting to offer you what best suits you.

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Frequently asked questions

We want you to enjoy your experience with us

It all sounds good, but what does this Formation actually do?

With Emptymind you will get the benefits of meditation faster. The 3D images and the accessibility on different devices mean that your practice can take place anywhere and at any time of the day. You can also record in your diary those moments of the day that are relevant to you and see your progress.

I know other formations with similar functions. Why is this the best?

The incorporation of VR (virtual reality) into the practice facilitates that  the mind stays more focused and that state of serenity that is achieved with the daily practice of meditation emerges in you. Many studies show how virtual reality speeds up and helps to obtain more quickly and sustainably the benefits that are achieved with the practice of meditation.

How often is this app updated?

We are constantly working on making improvements and adding new features. For this, we want to count on your help and that you make suggestions about what you think could be incorporated and that would be useful to you. Our goal is that you can enjoy this experience so that you can really  reach a state of mind where you always want to be. 

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