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Mindinside Psychologist in Malaga, is a service that was born from  the incessant search for happiness. We have become intolerant of any manifestation of pain, whether physical and/or emotional. Without understanding that pain is part of the human process. The treatment of anxiety is very much in line with this approach. From this integrated perspective, it is about bringing the person closer to accepting the situations they experience from the totality (pain being part of it), so that from there they can Develop and channel your potential. At Mindinside, from this approach we approach the treatment of anxiety, and other disorders such as stress, insomnia, attention problems.....

It also offers the remote psychology service.

The treatment for anxiety  and other disorders is what makes us learn to manage life in a different way.

Cristina Ballenilla Rina Mindinside

At the moment in which this change in the mental process appears, the external reality changes. Given within the space of each person, a series of events that help in the process of evolution. Mindinside wants to accompany you in these processes of anxiety and self-improvement, offering you personalized attention and great human quality.


We believe that in order to live a full life, it is necessary to work on these four fundamental pillars that make up the foundation of the human being:






It is a service for the treatment of anxiety, to get the most out of your life and live life intensely. The goal is for you to make every moment what it really is, a unique experience. Psychologist in Malaga, but also remote service.


ChristinaWhale Reina es Graduated in Psychology from the University of Malaga in 2007 and  Official Master's Degree in Health Psychology from the_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-1358-bb3c58d de Malaga University .Health psychologist with number AO10374.

I was preparing the PIR for four years. I did not take la plaza, however during that period I expanded my theoretical knowledge since I can study different psychological Orientations and not only the cognitive-behavioral one that was taught at the faculty of Malaga.

During that period of time, I volunteered in Honduras (Tegucigalpa) with an organization calledACOES. I was working as a psychologist for a period of two months. My work there consisted of giving training to schools on self-esteem and sexuality. Later I focused on giving individual psychological assistance in a drug addiction project that the organization had.

Upon my arrival I agreed to the Master of Health Psychology in Malaga. (2012).

During that time I was working on two research projects:

  • Interviewer at the "Limonar Health Center" for the 7H +T Project. Founded by the Ministry of Health of the Andalusian government.

  • Interviewer at the "Nueva Málaga Health Center" for the project called pre-dictD-CCRT. Depression prevention.

Between both projects I made450 hoursof personal interviews.

Once finished I went abroad for a year to learn languages. I was working and giving assistance and support to people who came from Spain, to facilitate their process of adaptation and job search.

In 2014 I started working with ASPAYM.Spinal Cord Injury Association. My mission there was psychological assistance to members and facilitation of workshops.

During that time I opened a practice independently while giving assistance to the association.

In 2015 they gave us a consultation in theCivil Hospital of Malaga. Where he cared for the new spinal cord injuries.

I developed a "Psychological Intervention Protocolfor the Emergency Unit of the Clinical Hospital"in order to give care to patients who came with traumas due to traffic accidents and other causes that were not organic.

I have collaborated withSpanish Association Against Cancerr, giving prevention talks for children and adolescents.

In 2012 I already began to be interested in western methods, so in 2016 I decided to travel to Thailand. There I trained as a Masseur, and I was getting to know the culture and the Buddhist temples in order to delve deeper into themeditationto implement it in my interventions.

I teach Mindfulness and mindfulness courses for people interested in personal growth.

I have completed a Master'sStrategic Intervention Coaching(2017)

I have a master's degree in Reiki, healing technique and other courses that complement my interventions.

I currently work from this approach, my interventions are based on aholistic and integral vision of the human being.

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