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Virtual Reality is a new modality of doing therapy that brings many benefits to the therapeutic environment.  With virtual reality it is not necessary to wait for events in the real world.

With Virtual Reality, the person experiences an immersion in the scene through the two most developed channels that we have in information processing. These are the visual and auditory channels.

Through virtual reality therapy the brain believes and experiences the scenario in which it finds itself more truthfully.

Imagination is a very effective tool, however VR exceeds  its effectiveness, since it manages to overcome many of the limitations.

Psychological treatments help us to face those situations that limit us in our day to day. That is why most of the treatments expose us to what we have to overcome and decrease  thus anxiety.

Traditionally, tools such as imagination and live exposure have been used for this as effective techniques. However there are certain limitations with the use of imagination. The person must have this skill  developed so that they can experience the scene in the most real way possible

The drawback that arises in some cases is that during the  visualization the person can jump from one scene to another depending on the thoughts that arise or the emotions that it makes them feel. These behaviors, which are often involuntary, are escape reactions and hinder the therapeutic process.

In addition to this, it is not always easy to assess the intensity and realism of the scene created in imagination.

What is it for?




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Fear to fly

fear of driving

fear of needles

fear of animals

fear of the dark

Scared of speaking in public

​Acrophobia (fear of heights)



Generalized anxiety

​Relaxation treatment with


Stress Treatment

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augmented reality

Augmented reality is also used within the VR modality, it allows interspersing virtual scenarios with real images, making the experience much more powerful.


Elderlyeffectivenessin interventions

Greater sense of presence

skills training

Higher level of immersion

Helps improve imaginative ability

Reduces the duration of treatment and improves its effectiveness.

Studies show that the benefits achieved with VR therapy are not only short-term but also maintain its effectiveness in the long term.

It is important to know that for VR to be effective it has to be integrated into a methodology, its isolated use being little or not effective at all.

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