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Psychological therapy.

Therapy is a space of confidentiality where both the user and the therapist create a relationship, which allows solving what is demanded. Thetherapistis the person who orients, guides and accompanies in this process of "becoming aware" of the place where one is, And he does it  showing him and discovering a set of resources, strengths and abilities to face the situation in an adaptive way.

The therapy seeks to find new ways of relating to the world around us, either through; dialogue, communication, thought, ideas, emotions, sensations... to reach a state that allows us to face life in a healthy and adaptive way.

Remote psychology is a modality that also brings great results since it is a way of keeping privacy and accessing professionals who are not in your own region.

With therapy you learn new ways of thinking and dealing with everyday situations, problems, and above all that which causes discomfort and anxiety. You learn to experience  feelings and sensations, such as stress, shyness, fear, etc.

Therapy gives us more emotional and mental flexibility.

With the treatment you can find a solution to depression, anxiety, phobias, grief, and in general any psychological discomfort.

Therapy helps us take ownership of our thoughts and feelings, which generates benefits in all aspects of life, including the health of the body.

It has been shown that health problems such as obesity, or chronic diseases such as cancer and diabetes may well have their origin first in emotional problems that could be solved with the help of psychotherapy.

Those who have concluded a therapy process agree that it is one of the best investments that can be made in life.

It has been shown that remote psychology is just as effective as face-to-face.

Mindinside is committed to technological advances at the service of health, which is why it is used in technical interventions such as Virtual reality.



ThecoachingStrategic is a type of intervention based on the achievement of objectives.

Doing it through full attention allows you to self-discover those repetitive patterns that prevent you from achieving your goals, with an attitude of observer where there is no room for judgment. The treatment of anxiety from this approach becomes treating those aspects that we can achieve to overcome different emotional states.

This way you will enjoy the process by being fully aware of all the steps you are taking.

This increases your self-confidence, your security and makes you enjoy your learning.

Problems are not solved, but rather the focus is aimed at achievingobjectivesthat are specific, measurable and  achievable in a given period of time.

For this, there is a great methodology based on  techniques de coaching, NLP, mentoring and emotional intelligence, mindfulness and emotion regulation, which allows the process is well structured. In this way it makes it easier for you to get from the point where you are to the point you want to achieve.

It is a perfect tool to get you out of your block, set a goal and create a specific action plan for you to achieve your goal successfully and consciously.

What can you achieve with a coaching process y  mindfulness?

Among the benefits that you can achieve with mindfulness and coaching we have:

-Befullyin the present, in the here and now

—Observing unpleasant thoughts and sensations as they are.

—Awareness of what is beingavoiding *

—Connection with oneself, with others and with the world around us

—Increased awareness ofjudgments

increase inconscienceof himself

—Less reaction to unpleasant experiences

— Less identificationwith thoughts (I am not what I think)

—Recognition of constant change (thoughts, emotions and sensations that come and go)

—More balance, lessreactivityemotional.

—Greater calm and peace  

—Greater acceptance andcompassionyes same.

increase inself esteem

achievement ofobjectives

Live the life that you have designed yourself.

"Only in the stillness of your mind will you find your freedom."


                                                                                                              Cristina queen whale 

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