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Reduces Stress Effectively. 

The brain scans  of the meditators reflect a change in the activation and density of the gray matter of those areas of the brain that are associated with negative emotions.

An 8-week workout significantly reduces the levels of cortisol, the main hormone of stress.

With the practice of meditation con RV these results are consolidated in a more effective and lasting way.

Boost creativity and inspiration

Resolving and finding innovative solutions requires a different mental capacity, it requires thinking outside of what is known and assessing situations from different perspectives, without judgment and with open-mindedness.

A   study from Wisconsin revealed that after  8 weeks of training, people had increased their ability to search for solutions. This is directly related to productivity.

Improvement of Physical and Emotional Health.

Many of the diseases are directly related to stress, this being the cause or enhancer of pathologies that had not yet manifested themselves.

The practice of meditation and mindfulness  is of crucial importance in this area of health.

That is why the application of technology to this field facilitates more effectively obtaining an optimal state of health.

Improve personal relationships

Increasing the productivity is one of the great concerns of companies. There is already a lot of evidence that shows that the work environment is directly related to business productivity.

Meditation increases both personal and interpersonal satisfaction, favoring communication and relationships within the company: this contributes to the _cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf work climate optimum and equally favors employee satisfaction increasing their performance and productivity.

The Bubble

"The Bubble" es  a service that was born from unir meditation with virtual reality in order to educate, guide and manage our minds in an easier and faster way._cc781905-5cde-3194 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

The Bubbleit is a bridge that allows us to access our mind in a guided, easy and fast way.


 "I never imagined that  experiences like this could be created with VR.

I have felt calm, serenity and peace...

For a moment I have gone to another space....

It has been an amazing experience "

The beauty of the contrast between the Real  and the Virtual in the same space.
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