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Meditation with VR 

emptymindhas as purposeto easethe practice of meditation. 

We know how many benefits meditating brings to mental and physical health, which is why I have created several modalities so that you can access them depending on your needs.

-If you want to learn from the beginning the fundamentals of meditation and how to apply it to your day to day, I recommend thePremium plan. 

-If all you want is to practice and go free, I recommend thebasic plan. 

-If you just want to try you can access thefree plan: D 

What are you waiting for? Try and decide based on your own experience.

What will you get?


Physical and mental health 


Improvement in relationships

Benefits of Meditate

  • Improve attention and concentration, reduce distractions and the coming and going of the mind.

  • Acquire greater body awareness, which is related to greater well-being

  • Learn to reduce thestressand theanxiety.

  • Reduce and get out of mental states of rumination that lead to nothing

  • reduce theself-criticismand learn new ways of relating to oneself, improving the way in which we treat ourselves.

  • Manage to improve diseases and chronic problems and increase well-being

  • Improve Emotional Intelligence, and with it emotional regulation.

  • Identify and change thepatternsthinking and automatic reactions

  • improve ourpresencein the present moment.

  • Improve your personal relationships, being more satisfying and full.

  • Getting to introduce Mindfulness techniques in our daily life

Choose your PLAN

Premium plan modules


-VR glasses (cardbord) to practice in VR
-Other surprises that will make it easier for you to implement the habit of meditation.



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