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Mindfulness is an ancient technique, which comes from
of the buddhist teachings.You can check the courseshere.

Mindfulness, from its Buddhist roots, is the understanding of one of the multiple mental functions necessary to develop a spiritual path that transcends the mundane and this life.

The motivation in Buddhism is transcendental, where the intention with virtuous minds is basic and what gives it meaning.

The understanding of significant objects from past and future lives, the law of karma, theemptiness.... are essential to understand their teachings.

Mindfulness is a mental tool among the other 50 mental functions that we have.

We understand our own mind to develop it on this path to liberation (Nirvana)

It has been helping people for thousands of years.
to know themselves better, to have a better self-esteem
high and to improve personally. This leads us to be more
happyin our daily life.

Mindfulness is the technique of living in the moment
Present. In the here and now. forget about everything
what happened in the past and all the thoughts that
we have of what is going to happen in the future.

We can find its roots in Buddhism and its promoter in the
Western society was Jon Kabat-Zinn.

Mindfulness is theintentional effortto pay attention and
be aware in the experience or present moment, without judging.
tries to realize what is happening at the moment in which
we live, focusing solely on that interval of time, with
in order to find serenity and personal well-being.


It is a way, a lifestyle in which prejudices are rejected, having to
stay in a state of openness towards sensations,
thoughts and attitudes without valuing or avoiding said experience.
It consists of being actively involved in the now, in the moment
present, in such a way that you have a complete consciousness about
the event we are experiencing, without trying to maintain a
control over it, be it a thought, an emotion, a
memory, an attitude, some word coming from another individual,
etc. It is about perceiving and observing what happens without judging or
intervene, which favors that we can receive a greater and better
feeling of the situation we are experiencing; supposes the
acceptance of reality as it appears at the time
That we meet.

Mindfulness can be considered aset of techniquesof
meditation that aim to free the mind from harmful thoughts
and unpleasant, so that we strengthen our mind to
achieve personal well-being and internal peace, favoring the
state of happiness, tranquility and harmony with oneself,
leading to the maximum of such techniques, which is the achievement of a
increase in the quality of life of individuals.
The aspects on which the Mindfulness technique is based can
summarized in the following: focus on the present moment;
openness to experience and facts; radical acceptance of
experience; live mindfully; control of the
reactions, but that the person experiences them naturally.

Now you can train this technique in an easier way withVirtual reality.

Virtual Reality allows you to immerse yourself more quickly and live the experience in its entirety.

In this way, it facilitates the habit of putting this type of technique into daily practice.

mindfulness benefits

—Be fully in the present, in the here and now

—Observing unpleasant thoughts and sensations as they are.

—Awareness of what is being Avoided *

—Connection with oneself, with others and with the world around us.

—Increased awareness of judgments

Increased self awareness

—Less reaction to unpleasant experiences

— Menor identificación con los pensamientos (no soy lo que     pienso)

—Recognition of constant change (thoughts, emotions and sensations that come and go)

—More balance, less emotional reactivity.

—Greater calm and peace  

—Greater self-acceptance and compassion.

scientific studies on mindfulness

Numerous scientific studies have been carried out
about the effects of mindfulness practice. In 1993 it
publishes the first investigation on the matter and, from such
date, the analyzes have not ceased in relation to the usefulness
of mindfulness in the different applicable fields, such as
are, among others, anxiety problems, depression
recurrent, eating disorders, eating disorders
personality, addictive behaviors..., obtaining, in the
most of these studies, positive results and
Scientific publications of medical effects in people
who participated in MBSR programs have demonstrated
a 35% reduction in medical symptoms and a
40% reduction in psychological symptoms (stable
for four years) (Kabat-Zinn, 1982, 1986, 1992, 1998,
Miller et al 1995, etc.).

With the intention of reviewing some of the results
obtained in scientific studies on the benefits in
different diagnoses, we can highlight:

- Inpeople with cancer,after an MBSR intervention
(Mindfulness based Stress Reduction), these
people significantly decreased discomfort
in mood (65%) including depression,
anxiety, anger and confusion, and there was also a
decrease in symptoms ofstressas the
cardiopulmonary and gastrointestinal symptoms
(Spec 2000).

- In people withchronic pain, it was shown that
decreases both pain and inhibition of
daily activities. In addition, the
mood disturbances and psychological symptoms
(including anxiety and depression). The use of
drugs associated with pain is lower, and increases the
levels of activity and self-esteem.

- Regarding theheadaches,meditation has shown
decreases the level of activity of headaches
(Anastacio, 1987).

- In relation to theanxiety, the training in
Mindfulness significantly reduces the symptoms of
anxiety, psychological stress and depression
secondary (Kabat-Zinn 1992).

- Intype I diabetes, meditation training
demonstrated significant decreases in the levels of
glucose in patients with type I diabetes
controlled (McGrady 1991).

- In people withdepression, there is a reduction
significant in relation to the recidivism of episodes
depressive in those patients who had received
treatment for depression.

Descubre el poder del mindfulness y transforma tu vida

El mindfulness no es solo una práctica; es una revolución en tu forma de vivir y percibir el mundo. Al sumergirte en la meditación mindfulness, desbloqueas un universo de tranquilidad y autoconocimiento. 


Esta técnica ancestral, adaptada a nuestros tiempos, te permite estar plenamente presente en cada momento, dándote la clave para una vida más consciente y equilibrada. Con mindfulness, aprendes a observar tus pensamientos y emociones sin juicio, lo que te lleva a una comprensión más profunda de ti mismo y a una mayor empatía hacia los demás.

Terapia online de mindfulness: tu camino hacia el bienestar

En la era digital, la terapia online de mindfulness ofrece una puerta accesible hacia el bienestar emocional y mental. ¿Imaginas poder acceder a sesiones de mindfulness desde la comodidad de tu hogar? ¡Con mis sesiones es posible! 


La terapia online te guía a través de ejercicios de mindfulness adaptados a tus necesidades individuales, dándote herramientas para manejar el estrés, mejorar tu concentración y fomentar una actitud positiva ante la vida. ¡Abre tu corazón y mente hacia una vida más serena y plena! ¿Empezamos?

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