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tratamiento ansiedad málaga

anxiety treatment

TheanxietyIt is born from a disproportionate reaction to an event and/or event that we are experiencing. Normally it is a response that does not go according to the situation that generates it.

Sometimes it is due to the fact that we react automatically to situations by learned patterns, which at this moment are no longer adaptive or are not functional to the demand of the situation.

Other times it may be due to a lack of decision-making and a loss of control regarding the direction of our lives. 


We can also feel this state when we have difficulties prioritizing either  due to a lack of clarity in defining what is relevant in our lives or because the situation itself prompts us to make certain decisions.

Anxiety is a magnificent indicator to stop and make an assessment about the direction we are taking. The fact of living automatically often makes these reflections difficult and leads us to enter a spiral from which it is sometimes difficult to get out.

The anxiety and thestressthey are intimately related

Some symptoms that characterize anxiety are;

  • Excessive and recurring concern about a specific general issue.

  • Physical symptoms such as panic attacks,

  • Difficulty breathing

  • Difficulty keeping attention on an activity.

  • Feeling of loss of control

  • Numbness or tingling of some parts of the body.

  • Difficulty making decisions differently than usual.

  • palpitations

  • Increased or decreased food intake

  • Difficulty falling asleep, etc.

There are multiple manifestations of anxiety:

  • Generalized anxiety

  • Anticipatory anxiety (when we anticipate a "possible threat")

  • Specific anxiety to different stimuli.

  • Anxiety to somatic manifestations.

  • Anxiety to get sick

  • Anxiety about death...

manifestations of anxiety

anxiety treatments.

Each manifestation of anxiety has a specific treatment. 

The treatment of anxiety consists of exposing ourselves to the situation that we are progressively avoiding.

There are currently many tools that help us overcome this state.

Virtual Reality is currently gaining strength in this field and there is evidence that supports its effectiveness. That is why inpsychosyncWe are committed to treating anxiety withVirtual reality.

through theVirtual realityall the different manifestations of anxiety can be treated by reducing the treatment time.

Living with anxiety makes us not only suffer mentally but also physical ailments.

Many of today's diseases are largely due to maintaining this state of alert for a long time.

It happens to know how this affects our body you can clickhere,

Among other alternative ways to handle and manage anxiety we have:

  • mindfulness

  • A healthy diet.

  • Physical exercise (There is a lot of scientific evidence of how the practice of Yoga helps us to balance and find mental clarity).

  • Have quality relationships.

  • Spend your time on something that really satisfies you, makes you grow and evolve and contribute to the rest.

  • To travel....

Anxiety is not a "normal" state of our Being. And overcoming and finding your natural balance is something that should be a priority.

Take care of it, with a good treatment for anxiety.

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